Tactical yield maximisation software for the broadcasting industry.

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Focus helps you better manage your inventory to maximise revenue yield.

Imagine having the power to predict demand, visualise and automatically control the interplay between rates, discounts and fill in order to maximise the revenue yield from everything you sell.

This is the power of Focus.

Crunch your big data with ease to identify revenue spill and spoilage.

Focus effortlessly processes huge amounts of data. It monitors and analyses demand trends for every programme daily, making recommendations which optimise pricing and controls to get the maximum revenue from your fixed inventory.

Automatically adjust your pricing and discounts based on demand.

Focus automatically recommends the optimal price and discount points for your inventory, enabling you to extract the maximum revenue from every episode of every programme, every day.

Focus is an intricate part of the sales process here at Seven. It helps us to effectively manage and forecast our inventory.
Kerry Parcell
Head of Revenue Strategy
The Nine Network has been using Focus to help manage yield since 2008. It provides us with an easy-to-use tool to effectively manage pricing on a day-to-day basis and to manage yield through periods of significant change - including a steep downturn and subsequent recovery of our ratings, plus a significant downturn and subsequent recovery of market demand as driven by the GFC.
Warwick Sharp
Group Sales Operations Manager
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